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Nasir Mazhar: SS14 Collection

Nasir Mazhar has begun to recieve recognition in the fashion world with his innovative approach to designing sportswear such as caps and headwear. He also created hats for the 2012 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony (the clubbing scene).

Nasir Mazhar’s first collection for men and women was showcased in his 2013 collection at London Fashion Week. 

His men’s SS14 collection is quite homoerotic, Nasir has said, “Even though it’s menswear, it’s completely unisex and loads of my girlfriends want it.”

Also, his clothes aren’t based on any inspirations, Nasir designs clothes that he would like to see girls wearing. 

The clothing is futuristic, edgy and unique. 

The clothes aren’t specifically tailored to any size, ethnicity or sex, which means they work on an even greater level.  His clothes seem to amalgmate different styles and old fads from the 80s and 90s, but Mazhar has embellished this style in his collections which seem way before their time: the cut of the clothes, the pastel colours and variety of fabrics.

Nasir Mazhar has a panache and very alternative outlook on fashion and the direction in which it should progress.

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